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INLAC gives significant importance to homestay in its programs. Offering room and board for a fixed fee, homestays with Moroccan families provide students with a unique opportunity to experience family life in Morocco.

The costs of homestays is 1400 Dhs/week for a single, private room with meals, plus a one-time 400 Dh service fee to INLAC. For stays of less than 3 weeks, the cost is 1700 Dhs per week, plus the service fee of 600 dhs.


INLAC provides a housing coordinator who meets students desiring homestay upon their arrival. The purpose of this first meeting is to discuss the students needs before they join their host families. Students requiring specific types of food, who are on a diet, etc. should include this information on their application forms. It is also possible that homestay may not be close to INLAC.

Students are required to pay the service fee (400 Dhs) and at least three weeks of homestay as soon as they receive their homestay invoice. INLAC does not refund the service fee and the first night with a Moroccan family. Homestay fees are paid on a three or six-week basis in advance to the INLAC.

Students who feel they may experience adaptation difficulties should consider moving to an apartment or a hotel. The following may be the source of such difficulties: distance from INLAC, unusual restrooms, unfamiliar meals, privacy restrictions, noise, etc. However, the benefits of the unique experience of living with a Moroccan family and the Moroccan hospitality overshadow these difficulties.



INLAC students may benefit from discounts at hotels in Fez with which INLAC has an agreement. Hotel rates are 100 Dhs/night and up. Please note that hotel reservations should be made before students arrival. This must be indicated in advance by email.


Apartments are convenient for lengthy stays. INLAC staff can send a list of such facilities to interested students. Costs: 2000 Dhs/month and up.

Students should be aware that the selection of apartments in Fez is not large and that the search for a suitable apartment may take a few weeks. Further, most apartments are not furnished, so students need to include the cost of furnishing an apartment in the rental costs.