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Millennial Fez: The Perfect Place For An Immersion In Arab-Muslim Culture

The unique combination of modern and medieval features of the city of Fez attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. The city seems to linger in the Middle Ages. Beautiful sights, intricate sounds, and colorful smells captivate the visitor. A cosmopolitan, historical city, Fez is home to numerous ancient monuments, bazaars, cafes, fountains, restaurants, and festivals, all of which inviting inter-cultural exchanges and international conviviality. Fez is the perfect place for an immersion in a typical Arab and Muslim life. Reputed to be safer than any major Western city, Fez offers a quality of life unmatched in the Arab world, combining serious study and various cultural contacts. Work With Local NGOs To foster inter-cultural enrichment and partnership relations, students are are given the opportunity to work with local non-governmental organisations.

Programs That Combine Learning And Self-Growth

In parallel to academic and cultural achievements, students are given the opportunity to pursue their individual interests and hobbies so as to make the most out of their respective experiences.

Individual Moroccan Homestay

Students are encouraged to opt for homestays with selected Moroccan families for a rewarding experience with strong learning and cultural impact.

Top-Quality Courses In Arabic

The teaching of Arabic courses is facilitated by experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic Moroccan university professors and local experts.

Cultural Immersion Program

The program offers practical Arabic learning and opportunities to daily interact with Moroccan Arabic (darija) and Fus'ha Arabic users.