inlac institute


INLAC offers courses of Standard Arabic (Fusha), Moroccan Arabic (Darija), as well as regular content courses.
INLAC offers semester courses in Autumn, Spring, Summer and Full year courses. It also offers tailor made courses according to needs, time and availability. Private lessons are organized all year around: hours are reduced proportionally for classes with one or two students. Hours of teaching are reduced by 50% for one student and by 25% for two students. Arabic Courses Intensive Courses (Short term): 4 hours per day, from Monday to Friday, for a period of 6 weeks. Total: 120 hours. These courses take place from 9:00 to 13:00.

It provides Fall, Spring, and Summer Intensive Arabic classes, as well as courses on North Africa and the Middle East covering: Gender and Women Studies, Politics, Islam, Migration, History and Society, Literature, Linguistics, Translation, Contemporary Issues, Social Movements, Migration.
Fall Semester: 9 September – 18 December
Spring Semester: 6 January – 17 April

Summer Complete Immersion Program :

Summer 1: 20 May
Summer 2: 24 June

From Three to Twelve Weeks