inlac institute

International Workshop On African Muslim Feminism



Inlac 8-10 May 2017 In partnership with African Feminist Initiative & Penn State University
Islam and Feminism/Islamic Feminism/Muslim Feminism – African Perspectives

FEZ, 8-10 May 2017

In this workshop, scholars have presented work on Muslim feminist practice, theory and policy around the African continent, aiming at an inclusive view by drawing on scholarship on South, East, West and North Africa. The workshop has engaged with current debates on Muslim feminism in Africa, and themes include interfaith dialogue, strategies for incorporating difference, the environment, religious authority and autobiography. During the course of the workshop, participants have revised their papers toward a publication that is intended to reach a broad audience both on the continent and beyond. The first part of the workshop has consisted of a morning of public presentations followed by two closed sessions during which papers are discussed and revised.

Speakers and Paper titles:

1. Fatima Sadiqi (Morocco) –What’s New in Moroccan Muslim Feminist Discourses?

2. Adryan Wallace (US) – Islam, Strategies of Incorporating Difference: A Comparative Study of Muslim Feminisms in Northern Nigeria & Northern Ghana

3. Sa’ddiya Shaikh (South Africa) – Islam, Gender/Sexual Ethics and Mosques

4. Shirin Edwin (US)– Islam, Geopolitical and Global (Ex) Changes: African Muslim Women and Interfaith Dialogues and Anxieties about Africa’s Global Place

5. Nada Mustafa Ali (US/Sudan) – Debates on Universality vs. Cultural Specificity:Women’s Human Rights in a Muslim Country with an Islamist government

6. Moha Ennaji (Morocco)– Secular and Islamic Feminists in Morocco

7. Souad Slaoui (Morocco) – Islamist Activists in Post-Arab Spring Phase: Status, Challenges and Future Prospects

8. Gabeba Baderoon (US/South Africa) – Islam, South African Muslim Women’s Fiction and Autobiography as World-making